This cider draws its name from the unique blend of locally harvested wild apples and dessert apples from the Hudson Valley.  It is the least dry cider we make, with a sharp acidity that holds up well to this additional sweetness.  It has an aromatic, slightly spicy character, with a clean finish.

“Half-Wild? While yes, this is true, it isn't a cider which makes claims that don't deliver.  One can sense with the first whiff, swoosh and sip that we have something distinctly of the earth. No makeup. No barriers to entry.  Just honestly delicious, real hard cider from the mountains.  I'd like it in my glass on a sweltering summer day, paired with a sage infused pork chop during the height of autumn, or fireside in winter married with a oozing washed rind, stinky cheese. Truly a cider that is utterly delicious and full of primal, kinetic energy.”

 -Michael Drapkin, Owner of Kingston Wine Co.





The Catskill is our flagship cider.  The natural bite from the wild apples is mellowed through partial aging in oak bourbon barrels from a local micro-distillery, resulting in a distinctively Delaware County cider.  The hint of oaky bourbon that the barrels instill is subtle, but gives this cider a nice complexity.

“Wayside cider's Catskill blend is a great representation of the future of cider. Crafted using both orchard raised and wild fruit, it is delicious, concentrated and expressive. This full bodied cider makes you forget any preconceived notions of the potential of apples. The Catskill shows some of the most delicate use of oak I have seen in a long time, showing only a little spice and concentration and does not mask the inherent fruit of the cider. The weight of the cider is balanced by a firm line of acid that stretches from the tip of the glass to the back of the throat. These are really exciting ciders that push the envelope of expectations.”

-Dan Pucci, Sommelier at Wassail NYC


Dry Town is an honest, earthy, aromatic cider-quaffable, but full bodied enough to be enjoyed with food.  This wild apple blend includes some magnificent little crab apples that lends this, still, dry cider a little zing. 

We are familiar with big name ciders advertising themselves as “dry”, however, they never seem to fulfill their lofty promise. We were cautiously optimistic when we poured Dry Town, a non-carbonated cider, to see what one team member could only describe as the color of the Warner Brother’s logo (seriously, so spot on).  The smell of crisp white wine, tart apples, and wet stone overcame our senses, and we were excited to dive in. The crab apple immediately came through, and brought back lovely memories for one of our upstate NY natives, of throwing fallen crab apples at her friends for fun. With notes of tannins and a rounded body, this cider was indeed dry, with a deliciously crisp taste – the promise had been fulfilled!   - Brooklyn Brew Shop

                                                                            Photos by Natalie Chitwood: www.nataliechitwood.com

                                                                            Photos by Natalie Chitwood: www.nataliechitwood.com