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  • Wayside Cider 55 Redden Lane Andes, NY, 13731 United States (map)

A wonderful benefit for our local animal shelter, HEART OF THE CATSKILLS HUMANE SOCIETY, sponsored by WAYSIDE CIDER & TAP ROOM.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019 7pm-11pm

5 Redden Ln, Andes, NY 13731


The state of Modern Cats and Dogs is a microcosm of a planetary crisis where un-sustainable is the new normal. Heart of the Catskills Humane Society is in-sync with today's environmental needs addressing each whole situation in creative working teams. HCHS models this gentle and intelligent approach towards sustaining modern dog and cat communities.



Alex Wilson / Kenny Fass / Jennifer Grossman / Lisa Jacobson / David Covell / Darwin Marcus Johnson / Beth Cressman / Doug Perrett / Harry Dutton / Steve Burnett / David Bartlem / Julian Fleisher / Pastor Garrett Schindler



All ticket prices include specialty cocktails, dancing, noshing and in-formation about modern cats and dogs...

$25 MANAGER  - Spayed and neutered cats won’t allow fertile cats enter to their MANAGED COLONY. 

  • Feed and vaccinate 2 cats for 3 days while they recover from surgery.

$50 HEALER - The shelter system emerged around 150 years ago in response to15,000 years of accumulated tamed dogs and cats abandoned by their human domesticators. 

  • Treat a dog for 2 weeks towards HEALING A STREET-BORNE ILLNESSES.

$150 SHIFTER - One un-spayed female cat is caught in an endless cycle of producing 400,000 offspring in just 7 years.

  • Spay 1 female and neuter 1 male cat and SHIFT THE CYCLE

$500 OPENER - 14,000 animal shelters exist in the USA re-directing the negative feedback loop of cat and dog homelessness from over-population. 

  • HCHS OPEN DOOR POLICY, never turns away any cat or dog.

$1,500 SUSTAINER - Modern Cats and Dogs mimic a whole planetary crisis where un-sustainable has become the new normal. 

  • SUSTAIN ONE DAY of the HCHS operating costs for 17 employees and over 250 CATS AND DOGS.

SILENT PARTNER - Can’t join the event, yet want to be part of the movement? 

  • Make a donation!


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